Basics of Online Banking

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Online banking has been supported by many banks and so the burden of visiting banks for small transactions has now been reduced. For those who are new to this form of banking, and the types of banks, here are a few basics to help them out with.

There are three types of banking solutions -

1. Commercial banks:
Commercial banks are those that are quite commonly found and they provide online banking solutions as well. The other services include managing accounts, savings accounts and providing loans for various purposes. The state or the federal body usually regulates them some banks like the Lloyd are regulated by the Financial Services Authority the body that regulates financial institutions in UK.

2. Credit Unions:
This is something like a community banking where people in the same field are grouped together. They can be those pursuing same kind of profession or those working for the same company or something in common. Profits are equally shared by all members of the group and it is possible to open an account only if you belong to the particular group. Credit unions may also be based on geographic locations. People living far from the place cannot open the account. The account limits may vary between $5 and $50. The loans can be availed at lower rates than the commercial bank. But we should be see how far online banking has reached in this sector.

3. Savings and Loan Association:
These banks operate mainly to provide loans home loans and other loans using money from the accounts of their customers. These banks are best suited for savings account as their interest rates are better than many commercial banks. Online banking has nowadays started reaching this sector also.

In case you're skeptical about the online form of banking, there's nothing to worry about. Most of the corporate giants are dealing with electronic funds transfer, so it is completely safe to adopt the same. However, you must be careful enough not to give your credential like passwords, net-banking PIN, telephonic banking PIN, or any other password to others.

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Basics of Online Banking

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This article was published on 2010/04/02