Banks hold off on Foreclousuers

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Top Bank Puts Stop on Foreclosures

CNN reported this story on October 8 2010 citing some errors had been made in making some foreclosures and the bank was having to do some reviews to eliminate further errors.

What do you believe? What's really going on? The bank is obviously putting on that they are being responsible and considerate. Playing the role of hero.

Predictable, they have done it before. Truth be told a handful of private International bankers control the world and almost everything in it. In my opinion, all that's happening is, to many foreclosures drive home prices down, they need to slow things down a little.

The last two years have been very interesting to say the least. How the International private bankers have still managed to keep they're secrets in the turmoil of the last two years is nothing short of amazing.

Henry Ford is quoted as saying one time that, if the people ever figured out what these bankers were doing there would be a revolution by tomorrow morning. I agree 100% with Henry Ford,

Henry is not alone in his statement, there have been others throughout history that have exposed the despotic nature of what the banks are really doing.

Today the bank robbers are the banks, robbing everyone from inside the banks. They wear suits and society worships them.

False Gods ring any bells here. By the way I'm a fool who does not understand ha, ha. The banks way of silencing critics, works on 98% of the people.

Estimates are there are only 1 in a thousand people that have really figured out the bank scam. If news media does show up at any kind of bank event asking questions the answer is always the same here as well," it's extremely complicated" is they're answer. I suppose they figured out no comment gives the wrong impression.

Estimates from people who know what's really going on peg it at a 50 trillion dollar wealth transfer in the next 5-10 years world wide. Not a bad trick if you think about it. Stealing 50 trillion dollars from the people with 99.9% of them never figuring out how.

Reading this, you don't have to believe me or take my word for it. There are dozens of books on this subject, some examples are" Billions for the bankers, debts for the people," "The Money Masters". I have known about this scam for 16 years, studying it, connecting all the dots, warning people about it along the way.

What I discovered is this, people love being enslaved and living lives of servitude because thinking hurts, it requires effort it's to much like work, knowing the truth carries a price, a responsibility.

Silence is acquiescence. Am I supposed to believe CNN s report about how wonderful the banks are being, when in fact I know we are talking about murderers here, a history of murder has been recorded.

The entire scenario I just described plays out over and over again day after day. You can decide to rise above it by becoming financially educated, you can, but will you. I believe if a thousand people read this article and I provide a link to information where you can get a financial education and rise above this situation, there might be three people take me up on it. Here is the link

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Banks hold off on Foreclousuers

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This article was published on 2010/10/09